Why Ecardify

  1. 1

    New communication channels

    Ecardify goes beyond generating QR Codes that lead to landing pages.

    It can turn physical objects into nodes of a digital network, giving people and objects new channels of interaction.
    Subscribers can use of out-of-the box solutions, or created new ones.

  2. 2

    Recordable QR Codes

    Ecardify's Recordable QR Codes introduce a new concept of generating "empty" QR Codes and recording multimedia content on them.

    This unique technology finds applications in every industry, and creates new opportunities and adds new values to online and offline businesses and organizations.

  3. 3

    Website Plugin

    It's a comprehensive and Technology Agnostic solution that enables your Website or Webstore, to record, manage and deliver video/audio content.

    All you need to do, is referencing the Ecardify JS library.
    Setup, configuration and management is done on the dashboard.

  4. 4

    Home/Office printing

    Ecardify provides a unique flexible PDF generator engine that is capable of outputting infinite variations of QR Code and Enclosure Card templates for the purpose of printing them on common office/home printers.

    We already support the most common Imperial and Metric templates. The Subscriber can freely adjust the existing templates, or request us to add a brand new template.

  5. 5


    Ecardify products can be offered under your own brand.
    Your customers won't notice where the services come from, as all interfaces will be under your domain name and design.

    Branding is available to payed Subscriptions only.