Frequently Asked Questions

Ecardify is both

  • a Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform for businesses -
  • a free online service - is a SaaS Platform that enables online and offline businesses/organisations/individuals, make physical objects record and deliver digital content and actions, and become nodes of an expandable digital network.
From big e-commerce sites to small corner stores, enriches the interaction between you, your partners and your customers, adding value and simplifying processes.
Our free Subscription plan satisfies the needs of most small to mid size businesses. See pricing for more.
It's the digital state of a physical object. It is stored in Ecardify and accessed through a web link, QR Code, its own unique image, or from within Subscriber's dashboard.
It's an eCard that is currently stored in Ecardify Platform under your Subscription.
It's the way Ecardify ensures confidentiality of video/audio/text messages, web content or actions.
The user who records the content, can write down a question that only the recipient knows the answer of.
Ecardify uses the answer to encrypt the content, and then destroys it.
Only the person who knows the answer can decrypt the content.
It's a QR Code that leads to one video/audio/text message, web content or action. The content where this QR Code leads to, cannot be modified.
It's a QR Code that leads to pre-defined or pre-recorded digital content.
The Ecardify Subscriber, can always modify the content where this QR Code leads to.
Ecardify gives its Dynamic QR Codes the ability of encrypting their content with a question/answer, and therefore be totally private and confidential.
It's a Static or Dynamic QR Code that when scanned, it allows the user to record a video/audio/text message or assign a web link or action.
Ecardify provides Subscribers with a variety of Recordable QR Codes that they themselves create, manage, print and deliver.
Recordable QR Codes serve various purposes like: attaching video/audio/text messages to Flowers/Gifts/Postcards, collecting Customer Reviews, recording Instructions, offering Promotional Codes and a lot more.
No matter the industry you're in, you will find value in using them.
It's the card accompanying a gift order, whose video/audio/text message to recipient of the gift, is digitally recorded by Ecardify.
The paper card will only contain a link and/or a QR Code, to its digital content online.
No. Ecardify will only give your customers the option of recording a video/audio/text message, either by adding a checkbox to your existing web page, or through a modal box.
See demo here.
Yes. Your or your dropshipper will still prepare the paper gift enclosure card, write/print a link and/or it's QR Code on it, and deliver as usual.