Ecardify core services

Record on QR codes

In few clicks, generate, print and attach “empty” Recordable QR codes on any object.
Then scan with a phone to record live video/audio/text, or assign web content and actions to them.
Valuable DIY to any Business, Organization or Individual.
Read more and try Live Demo now.

Record on web pages

Install Ecardify Add-On in your website or webstore, and within minutes, your HTML forms will be able to record live video/audio as well.
Then easily deliver the content through your web pages, or print the respective QR codes and attach on any object.
See Live Installation, or Live Demo or read more.

Generate self branded QR codes

Generate self branded QR codes

You might have not noticed yet, but Dynamic QR codes do not preserve your brand, because when scanned, they display a web link that does not represent your business. Definitely not a good look for you!

Ecardify is the only QR code generator that preserves you branding. Your clients will only see links from your web site.
Sign up now and start generating truly own QR codes.

Print QR codes on labels

QR code Generators give you lengthy instructions on how to export QR codes to other systems, and go through many manual steps to print them on labels.
Ecardify prints them directly from the dashboard, or through our Chrome and Canva extension apps.

More info on Ecardify Label Printing here, and a Live Demo of generating and printing QR codes here.

Print Enclosure Cards

Automatically print Gift Enclosure Cards of your online orders, with or without QR codes.
Print at any card size, in any language, on configurable font styles, colors, text alignments and background images.
See Live Demo.