Voice and video recording - Recordable QR Codes

Ecardify has invented and implemented several types of QR Codes that allow direct recording of voice or video. We call them Recordable QR Codes. You can generate them in seconds and brand them as your own.

  1. What are Recordable QR Codes?

    They are QR Codes that, when scanned, enable the user to record a video/audio/text message, or to assign a web link. Common QR Code generators, create QR Codes that lead to predefined content. Ecardify does the opposite as well: it generates content, where predefined QR Codes will lead to.

    In just a few clicks, you can generate and print empty Recordable QR Codes. Then, simply scan them with your phone to record content on them. Ecardify offers a variety of Recordable QR Codes, which subscribers can easily generate, manage, print, and distribute. Try the Live Demo now.

  2. What are Recordable QR Codes used for?

    No matter your industry, you'll likely find a compelling use case below that will give you an Aha! moment.

    • Encourage customers to leave anonymous testimonials by printing this QR Code on your packaging, or by displaying it at physical locations like your service desk, exit of your retail store, on restaurant tables, etc.
    • Allow yourself or your customers to assign ad-hoc video, audio, or text instructions or specifications on items you manufacture, service, or sell.
    • Attach them to gift items, bouquets of flowers, or postcards, enabling your customers to record messages or assign web links for the recipient.
    Now that you've grasped the concept, we're confident you'll discover a few applications relevant to your industry.