Record on HTML Forms

Where your customers type text, give them the option to record video/audio as well.
Add record buttons, to any web form of your website, by simply copy-pasting few lines of code.

Try live demo of a “Contact us” page.

Record on Shopping Carts

Make your online gift shoppers and gift recipients, happy!
Offer the option to send and receive a voice or video message as well.

The recipient gets a text enclosure card, with a video/audio QR Code on it. Read more, and try live demo.

Record on QR Codes

Make any physical product, record and deliver digital content.

Generate your own “empty” Recordable QR Codes, print them on labels and sticker, and attach anywhere.
Read more, and try live demo.

QR Code Generator

Generate QR Codes that record voice & video messages as well. Try here, no signup required.

Sign up to generate white label Dynamic QR Codes, that link to your own domain name.

Print your own labels and stickers

No more lengthy instructions on how to print on adhesive label sheets. Print here without leaving the browser, or print through our Canva app, Adobe Express add-on and Chrome extension.

Provide label printing to your customers. Install our Print Button or integrate with our Rest API.

Print Enclosure Cards

Tired of writing down enclosure cards by hand?

Print them on any font style, at any card size, in any language, on configurable colors, text alignments and background images.

Try live demo, and sign up to start printing for free.