Frequently Asked Questions

Ecardify is a cloud service that provides the easiest way to capture video and audio input, on web pages and QR Codes.
You can install it in your web site or web store, by simply copy pasting few lines of code, and/or you can use it to generate and print Recordable QR Codes under your brand.
It's an empty QR Code that when scanned, it allows the user to record a video/audio/text message or assign a web link.
More details here.
It's a digital record, that has been created with input from a web page or a Recordable QR Code.
They are stored in Google Cloud under a "bucket" that belongs to the Ecardify subscriber.
It is an eCard that is currently stored in Ecardify platform, under an Ecardify subscriber's account.
An eCard will remain active as long as, either the owner deletes it manually, or it reaches the expiration date.
Yes, you can set them through the dashboard.
It is the way Ecardify ensures confidentiality of eCard's digital content.
The user who records the content, e.g. a live video/audio message, can write down a question that only the intended recipient knows the answer of.
Ecardify uses the answer to encrypt the content, and then destroys it.
Only the person who knows the answer can decrypt the content.
No. Ecardify only adds a few buttons to existing HTML forms, giving your users the option to record live video/audio as well.
Check out our live demo of recording on HTML forms and recording on Shopping Carts.
It is a QR Code that leads to a video/audio/text message or a web address. The destination of this QR Code cannot be modified.
It is a QR Code whose content or destination can always be modified.
Ecardify generates "white label" Dynamic QR Codes, which means that their URL is under your web domain, representing your brand.
You have the option to encrypt the content with a question and answer, therefore making it confidential.
It is a classic paper enclosure card, that contains an Ecardify Recordable QR Code. It enables the gift sender to not only write something down, but record a voice or video message as well.
Yes. For those who need to print their own labels and stickers at home/office printers, we make it easy and quick. See Printing for more.
Yes, we offer a Free Forever Plan. This plan provides all the essential services, and it can satisfy the needs of many small businesses. See pricing for more.