Frequently Asked Questions

It's a digital record, that has been created with digital input from a web page or a Recordable QR Code.
It is an eCard that is currently stored in Ecardify platform, under a subscription account.
The eCard will remain active as long as, either you delete it manually, or it reaches its expiration date.
No. Ecardify only adds a few buttons to existing HTML forms, giving your users the option to record live video/audio as well.
Check out live demo of recording on HTML forms and recording on Shopping Carts.
It is the way Ecardify ensures confidentiality of eCard's digital content.
The user who records the content, e.g. a live video/audio message, can write down a question that only the intended recipient knows the answer of.
Ecardify uses the answer to encrypt the content, and then destroys it.
Only the person who knows the answer can decrypt the content.
It is a QR Code that leads to one video/audio/text message, web content or action. The content where this QR Code leads to, cannot be modified.
It is a QR Code that leads to pre-defined or pre-recorded digital content. You can always modify the content where this QR Code leads to.
Ecardify generates "white label" Dynamic QR Codes, which means that their URL is under your web domain, representing your brand.
You have the option to encrypt the content with a question/answer, therefore making it totally private and confidential.
It is a Static or Dynamic QR Code that has not content. When scanned for the first time, it allows the user to record a video/audio/text message or assign a web link to it.
Ecardify provides three types of Recordable QR Codes, that subscribers can create, manage, print and deliver.
Recordable QR Codes make possible attaching video/audio/text recordings and other digital content, on any product and for any purpose. They send greetings, collecting customer reviews, record and deliver instructions, offer promotional codes and a lot more.
No matter the industry you're in, they will most likely help you fill a need.
It is still a classic paper enclosure card, that is delivered with a gift order. The difference is that it contains a QR Code, that when scanned, will play back a video or voice recording that the sender has dedicated to the recipient.
Yes, we offer a Free Forever Plan. This plan provides all the essential services, and it can satisfy the needs of many small to mid size businesses. See pricing for more.