Frequently Asked Questions

Ecardify is an online service that simplifies capturing video and audio inputs for users via web pages and QR codes.
It integrates seamlessly with your website or web store by simply copying and pasting a few lines of code. Additionally, Ecardify enables the generation and printing of Recordable QR Codes under your brand.
It's an empty QR Code that, once scanned, enables the user to record a video, audio, or text message, or to assign a web link.
More details here.
It's a digital record created with input from a web form or a Recordable QR Code.
They are stored on Google Cloud in a 'bucket' that belongs to the Ecardify subscriber.
It's an eCard currently stored on the Ecardify platform, under a subscriber's account.
An eCard will remain active as long as the owner does not delete it manually, or until it reaches its expiration date.
Yes, you can set them both on the dashboard.
To record video or audio, you must grant your web browser permission to use your computer or phone's camera and microphone. First, ensure that your browser settings allow access to the camera and microphone; this is usually the case, but if you can't record, or encounter an error, you should go to your browser settings and double-check. Then, when prompted to allow usage, be sure to select "Allow" before starting to record.
When using the Chrome browser on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you can only record audio. To record video, you will need to use the Safari browser. We are working to resolve this limitation.
It is the method Ecardify uses to ensure the confidentiality of an eCard's digital content. The user recording the content, such as a live video or audio message, can pose a question whose answer is known only to the intended recipient. Ecardify then encrypts the content using this answer before permanently destroying the answer. Consequently, only the recipient who knows the correct answer can decrypt and access the content.
No. Ecardify seamlessly adds a few buttons to existing HTML forms, thereby providing your users with the option to record live video and audio as well.
Check out our live demo of recording on HTML forms and recording on Shopping Carts.
It is a QR Code that directs to a video, audio, text message, or a web address. Once created, the destination of this QR Code cannot be changed.
It is a type of QR Code whose content and destination can be modified at any time. Ecardify generates 'white label' Dynamic QR Codes, meaning the URL is hosted under your own web domain, thus representing your brand. Additionally, you have the option to secure the content through encryption with a question and answer, ensuring confidentiality.
It is a QR Code that enables the recording of video, audio, or text messages upon scanning. Once the content is recorded and saved, this QR Code becomes a Static QR Code, meaning any further scans will lead to the previously recorded content. To ensure confidentiality, the content can be safeguarded with question-and-answer encryption.
Ecardify subscribers can generate and print an unlimited number of these QR Codes. An illustrative use case is attaching personalized messages to flowers and gifts, enhancing the gift-giving experience.
It is a type of Recordable QR Code designed exclusively for capturing recordings without providing playback through the QR code itself. Instead, Ecardify subscribers instantly receive these recordings via email and can also view them on their dashboard. This QR Code is unique to the subscriber's account.
An illustrative use case is collecting anonymous customer testimonials.
It is a type of Recordable QR Code designed to allow multiple users the ability to either record or playback messages. After recording content, a user receives a unique key that should be noted beneath the printed QR Code. Future users, intending to access the content, must enter this key to unlock the recordings. This feature ensures the QR Code remains capable of both accepting new recordings and granting access to existing ones. To maintain confidentiality, each recording can be protected with question-and-answer encryption. This QR Code is unique to the subscriber's account.
A typical illustrative use case is Greeting Cards.
It is a modern take on the classic paper enclosure card, featuring an Ecardify Recordable QR Code. This innovative approach allows the gift sender to go beyond traditional written messages, offering the option to record voice or video messages as well.
Absolutely! We offer an easy and quick solution for anyone looking to print their own labels and stickers using home or office printers. For more details, please see our Printing section.
Yes, we offer a 'Free Forever Plan' that includes all the essential services, meeting the needs of many small businesses. For more details, please see our pricing section.