Acquire video/audio Customer Reviews

What's better than a casual, unscripted, honest Video Customer Review?

Providing customers with direct, casual and easy methods to review your products or services, offers significant insights to your business.
Ecardify helps you deliver improvements to customer expectations and experiences that translate to repeatable business, increased positive social media, and lowered new customer marketing spend.

  1. Video/audio Customer Reviews through Recordable QR Codes

    Ecardify's Recordable QR Codes, are the easiest, most practical and effective way to encourage your customers to let you know what they think.

    • Have these QR Codes printed on product packaging, posters, flyers etc.
      Otherwise, use your Ecardify dashboard to print them yourself on label templates, in just a few clicks. Then stick them on your physical locations, like on the way out, reception desk etc.
    • Nowadays phones don't need an App to scan QR Codes, and recording video/audio/text on Ecardify's Recordable QR Codes, does not need an App either. Your customers will leave reviews with utmost ease.
    • Non-public Customer Reviews have distinguished values and advantages compared to public ones. Please read below for more.
    • Let's not forget, Ecardify QR Codes can of course be used to easily access public Customer Review sites like Google, Yelp etc, as well.

  2. Video/audio Customer Reviews through your web pages

    Most likely, you already collect non-public Customer Reviews in your own website. If you don't, you should.
    Ecardify's website Add-On, makes it very easy to add video/audio recording capabilities to the textarea where customers already type text reviews.
    All you need to do, is copy/paste some code from your Ecardify Subscription dashboard.
    Read more here.

  3. The value of non-public Customer Reviews

    • Identify key contributors (employees, management, franchisee) who have gone above and beyond for customers.
      Retaining quality employees, significantly reduces labor costs spread between recruitment, training, and overtime, while negative experiences can be used to identify areas of growth and training against specific concerns.
    • Optimize your supply chain by allowing customers to focus on specific areas that need improvement such as food quality and consistency, employee interaction, environmental concerns (smells, temperature, safety).
      • If a certain product consistently receives poor ratings, eliminating that item from the menu can save you money.
      • If a specific menu item consistently receives great ratings, you can either price it accordingly or lead with that product through traditional and new media marketing.
    • Provide a non-confrontational means to allow for complaints to be addressed before they gain a social media following.
      Many customers still do not want to either create a scene or utilize their personal social media platforms to complain about product or unfortunate events and will instead "vote with their wallets" and not frequent the location again.
      Providing an avenue to highlight issues without exposing their "digital lives" allows for that consumer to provide feedback and receive a response in a private and professional setting.
    • With the right disclaimer or customer permission, make non-public reviews of your choice, public.
      We've got to repeat the same question: what's better than a casual, unscripted, honest Video Customer Review?