Easy QR - Restaurant Touchless Menu

There are many QR Code generators out there. You could use one of them to generate a QR Code for your restaurant menu, then somehow print a few on paper and glue them somewhere.
This seems to get the job done, but Ecardify QR Codes offer more valuable new services and are quicker and easier to apply.

Our Easy QR Touchless Menu, is a fast and simple solution, that offers unique amazing features, that no other provider offers to date.
  1. 1
    Faster to implement

    Start a free subscription (no credit card required) and have your touchless menus ready in literally minutes.

  2. 2
    Simple to use

    All you need is a common printer and plain paper, or paper with stickers from your local office store.
    Nothing to install, nothing to maintain, nothing to clean, nothing to worry.

  3. 3
    Keep your Branding

    Your customers would never notice the Ecardify brand, as all services would be presented under your own name and design.

  4. 4

    Customer facing pages are multilingual. Support for English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, German, Italian and Dutch are prebuilt.
    Subscribers can add any other language, and adjust the wording as they wish.

  5. 5
    "Menu" QR Codes

    Setup and print Menu QR Codes that point to each section of your online menu.
    If and when the links to your menu change, you don't need to reprint the QR Codes, instead you will just update the links in your Ecardify dashboard.

  6. 6
    "Customer Reviews" QR Code

    Print a unique QR Code, where your customers can, at real time, leave a review in writing or/and live video/audio.
    How cool is that? You of course are extremely interested in your customer's feedback, and Ecardify can record them right on your dining tables, and bring them instantly to you phone.
    All recorded reviews will obviously be available in your Ecardify dashboard as well.
    This service is made possible by Ecardify's own Recordable QR Codes.

  7. 7
    "Special of the Day" QR Code

    Setup and print a unique QR Code where you, or your Chef, can record himself on video or audio, presenting the "Special of the Day" to your customers.
    No worries, you won't have to print this QR Code everyday. You will only print it once and forever, but you can record new messages any time you want.
    This service is made possible by Ecardify's own video/audio/text Dynamic QR Codes.

  8. 8
    "Discount Challenge" QR Code

    Want to keep you customers engaged and create a friendly atmosphere? Of course you do.
    Print a unique QR Code, where you record a question/answer challenge. Invite your customers to participate on it, and offer a discount to the winner.
    Isn't that interesting and unique?
    This service is made possible by Ecardify's own QR question/answer encryption.

  9. ?
    Any new ideas?

    Ecardify QR Codes are very flexible. If you have a new idea, we will most likely be able to implement it for you.

Should you have any question please contact us.