About us

Like many products, Ecardify was born out of the need to satisfy requirements for which there were no solutions in the market.

The founder of Ecardify ran e-commerce sites, where customers order gifts for their loved ones.
Messages accompanying the gifts, are more important than they're given credit for, that's why he felt the need to offer more.
A solution based on QR Codes, enabled customers to record live video/audio messages, write long text messages, and even encrypt and make them confidential. The recipient would then read the message by scanning a QR Code, which the system prints on enclosure cards.
That implementation opened the door for many other applications, and that’s how Ecardify was born.

Today Ecardify integrates seamlessly not only behind a shopping cart or a web site, but behind any physical object, making them capable of recording and delivering digital content, allowing for full personalization and branding of your solutions.
All you need is a mobile phone and a home/office printer. Ecardify's own Recordable QR Codes, Web Components, web site integration and QR Code printing capabilities, will do the trick.

No matter the nature of your business, you will find value in making your products and any other physical object, record and deliver digital content, to your clients, partners and suppliers.

We are an alliance of software engineers, entrepreneurs and investors, fond of cutting-edge technologies and innovation.

Let Ecardify improve your business and please share your feedback.