Why private messages with gift deliveries

It has always been a given, that if you send someone a gift, your message for him or her will be plainly written on an enclosure card.
There is a chain of people that even if unwillingly, will read the message that you dedicated to the recipient.

They can be:
  • staff of the company where you placed your gift order
  • staff of the company that handles your order and writes down the message on the card
  • staff of the company that delivers your order
  • people who might receive the order on behalf of recipient
  • people who might be around when the recipient is not present on delivery
  • who knows who else

Often you would not mind at all, but sometimes you would:

  • Level of intimacy of your message is high
  • You want to eliminate the chance of someone else close to the recipient, would get to read your message
    • Societies where people live so close by to each other, that inferring neighbors, colleagues and family are the common experience
    • Government offices, competing industries, or differing departments where alliances, relationships or collaboration are best kept quiet
    • Avoiding discrimination and abuse of a different religious, political, sexual, socio-economic or gender orientation
    • Operating in areas of political conflicts, where information can be dangerous
  • You don't want your message to be on paper
  • You want to have the message destroyed automatically
  • Any other reason


If you own an online store, give your customers the option of sending private and confidential video/audio/text messages to recipients.
Sign up to Ecardify for free. Within minutes, you can have the service working on your store.

If you need to send a confidential message on your next gift order, click here to record and encrypt the message.
Ecardify will generate a short link that you can write on the card, and a QR Code that you can print and stick on.