Print on labels - QR codes & Images

Generating QR code and other graphic design images, with the tool of your choice, and then printing them on label templates of your choice, have always been two separate processes. They required the use of multiple web and desktop applications.

Ecardify simplifies and streamlines both processes, enabling you to complete them in a few clicks, without leaving your browser.
You can generate images and artwork, with your preferred tool, and then print them on any of your preferred label templates: Avery, Herma, Uline, OnlineLabels, Megastar and more. All free and unlimited.

Signing up for even a free subscription, will get you extra options, like ordering free custom templates, customizing QR codes, generating dynamic QR codes and more.

For your convenience, we offer this service in six different ways. More options are coming soon.

  1. Chrome browser extension

    Install our Chrome Extension and start generating and printing QR codes without switching sites or leaving your browser.
    In addition, this extension enables you to promptly print on labels and stickers, any image that you see online.

    View & Install Label Printing Extension

  2. Canva extension

    Canva is a prominent online graphic design platform, used by millions of people around the world.
    Ecardify's label printing app, gives you the option to print your Canva designs on labels and stickers, straight to your home office printer - free and unlimited.

  3. Label printing button

    Place a button like this, anywhere in your web site.
    Your users will be able to easily and quickly upload and print any image, on any label template. Try it out, right here.

  4. Label printing API

    QR code generation and label/sticker printing functionalities, right in your own system or public website.
    Common applications do not require programming skills, just copy and paste of HTML code.

  5. is your free forever tool, to record any digital content (including live video or audio), generate its QR code and then print on labels and stickers. No subscription required.

  6. dashboard

    QR code generation and image printing on labels and stickers, is obviously available across your subscription services.