About us

Online and offline, for personal or business use, we continuously and intensively keep sending and receiving information.

Information is often better conveyed through digital multimedia formats like video, audio and images, but only digital devices can handle them.
We felt this gap while running our businesses, and filling this gap is the first mission of Ecardify.

Ecardify integrates seamlessly not only behind your Website and Shopping Cart, but behind almost any physical object, making them capable of recording and delivering digital content.
All you need is a mobile phone and a home/office printer. Ecardify's own Recordable QR Codes, Web Components and object's unique visual properties, will do the trick.
Ecardify gives users the option of encrypting the content, and automates the process of printing QR Codes and Enclosure Cards.

No matter the nature of your business, you will find value in making your products or any other physical object, record and deliver digital content between you, your clients, partners and suppliers.

We are an alliance of software engineers, entrepreneurs and investors, fond of cutting-edge technologies and innovation.

Let Ecardify improve your business and please share your feedback.